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What are databases?

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What are databases?

  1. Databases are programs that are built to store and manage information about people (names, addresses, etc.) or things (quantities, status, locations, etc.).
  2. A single database is made up of multiple tables, in which the data is grouped. It is like an Excel workbook, with multiple sheets inside.
  3. Databases streamline the entry, tracking, and reporting of data. Eg: Inventory management (stock, disposition, location, and transactions); sales (what was sold, who bought it, and for how much).
  4. Databases allow you to cross-reference different types of information. You can simultaneously put in date, time, alpha-numeric codes, etc. into a single database table.
  5. The databases in their raw form appear as a bunch of untabulated characters, hence not easily readable.

Database uses:

  1. With the help of database, we can increase consistency in our work by changing only a few values and keeping the skeleton format of the output the same. Eg: In a students report card, only the name, marks and grade of the student are different from other students report cards, the format of the report card remains the same.
  2. MySQL databases are required by many web applications including forum websites, billing softwares, content management systems and even your email clients.
  3. Database helps us in reducing data entry, storage, and retrieval cost by streamlining the data into various fields and retrieving the exact data required.

Examples of database softwares: Oracle, Microsoft access, MySQL.

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