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Unique Things To Do With Your Website

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There are a few important things to having a great website. Have an awesome design, be useful and easy to use, and have have a good amount of interactivity. Once you have successfully incorporated all of these elements into your website, try some of these ways to make your website much more fun.



Everyone has heard of facebook. The online social community is everywhere. YOu can log into site, create new accounts and more with your facebook account. Why not add facebook comments as a feature of your site? It is a superb way to get the discussion going about your products and services. If you happen to have a bit of web savvy, check out the facebook developers page, or even get your web developer or web designer to do it.


Incorporate a web URL shortener

If you have ever wanted to send your friend a link, or even share it on twitter, you may have noticed that some links are just way to long. There are a ton of URL shorteners available on the net, and you can get yourself a little more brand recognition, especially when trying to send links of your own content.


Allow your visitors to upload large files

Especially if you happen to be a designer, printer or any other business where customers would be required to send you large files, this could be an extremely great tool for your website. Large files have a tendency to lag down email servers. Use a solution like this to not only offer a means of hosting such large files, but also increase chances of people preferring your site over that of your competition.


Using unique fonts

For quite a long time, only fonts labeled as web-safe were usable on your website. This essentially limited you to the fonts installed on computers, such as Arial, Verdana, Georgia, Lucida, Helvetica, and Times New Roman.  It used to be that you had to put any other fonts into images, which really slowed down load time. Now, with the advent of web fonts becoming much more accessible, you can really make your website unique.


Allow keyboard shortcuts

Everyone has used keyboard shortcuts before. CTRL C for copying text, CTRL V for pasting.  They are extremely useful and safe time, which every busy person can appreciate. Using a javascript script, such as shortcut.js (just do a Google search for it), you can incorporate keyboard shortcuts such as Shift+s to immediately put focus on a search field, or CTRL-F to make a facebook comment module pop up.


LIVE CHAT and Instant Messaging

Many sites have a live chat feature. They are actually very easy to implement, they don’t require a team of customer service representatives to use either. If you or someone who works for you answers the phones during business hours, they can respond to inquiries as a live chat operator as well. There are many companies who make this a possibility, and some of them have free options available.

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