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How To Automate Your Business Tasks

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startAutomating your business tasks with online tools can make your business much more efficient. There are many online tools you can use to automate your business, leaving you free to spend your time doing what you started your business to do, and also to make more money.

By focusing on what your business does, and what can be done more effectively, you will figure out which tasks to automate and how best to do it. Business are very much like trees, they start off from a seed and after getting a good solid root, they find stability and can withstand the test of time and hardship.

Take a good look at your business practices and compile a list of things you feel could be improved upon. Make sure to identify at least one aspect of your business that you think could be more efficient. Think mostly on those tasks that are repetitive yet must be performed.


Batch it up

Batch processing is a super simple way to make your business much more efficient, and doesn’t require any extra tools. Batch processing requires grouping tasks that are similar and doing them all in one batch. It sure beats doing them all at different times of the day. For example, think about how often you check, and subsequently respond, to your email. It would be much quicker and efficient to choose two times a day to check and respond to all of them. Maybe in the morning and an hour before you end your work day. Think about what works best for you.


You can use batch processing on other tasks, such as:

* Social Media

* Bill pay

* Stock ordering


Email Marketing

A very powerful tool is marketing. Email marketing can double that power. It ensures that people become aware of what you are doing, and it helps to establish rapport. Auto responders provide a way to automate your email marketing. Auto responders automatically send emails in whatever sequence you specify. Say somebody signs up to your mailing list, they will be automatically sent a new email from you. They could have signed up last month, and every week or so, they will receive an email. This helps to keep your customers actively engaged in your marketing campaign.



Using wordpress for your blog has always had its benefits. You can write all of your blog post for the week or the whole month, and have your plugin publish them according to the schedule you specify. Just change the date and time you want it to be published, and voila! It automatically gets published when that day comes, you don’t even have to be anywhere near a computer!


Tedious tasks and all

Administration tasks are really good at slowing business down. This is due to all of the super tedious tasks that business owners tend to be plagued with. Evernote is an application that keeps all of your notes in one place. One of the most important tasks of automating is consolidation.

Speaking of consolidation, you can use Dropbox to store your files online, allowing you to access them from your phone, and even a web browser on any computer, as long as you know your login credentials.

Having a contact form on your website will allow for passive lead generation, and you can use an autoresponder to automatically respond to the emails, telling your customers that their message was received and will be responded to shortly.



By having an easily accessible FAQ (frequently asked questions) you can save a lot of time spent answering the same questions over and over again. Put them on your website, but also in your office so that your employees can refer to it before interrupting you and your busy work. It could also lead to more sales as your customer’s questions and concerns have already been attended to.

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