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How to prevent your email from being marked as a spam?

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  1. The subject field of the email should be simple but not blank.
  2. Avoid using punctuation in your message subjects, particularly exclamation marks! Eg: SURPRISE!!!, “Fantastic deal!!!”
  3. Try to avoid using all capitalized words in the subject. Eg: Dont use the subject as PAYMENT DETAILS or DAILY REPORT.
  4. Where possible try not to use the words used by spammers, like “free, guarantee, great offer, hello etc”.
  5. The use of lots of dollar signs in your emails will increase the chance of your emails being blocked by another network. Eg: “$$$ make money, make millions, $$$”
  6. Spam is often HTML and usually has coloured backgrounds. Your message may also look like spam if you use coloured text.
  7. Plain text emails are less likely to be filtered as spam.
  8. Avoid using lots of images which look slick and professional as marketing material.
  9. If you put dozens of names in your BCC (blind copy) field in your email programme the newsletter could be marked as spam, so avoid it.
  10. Many viruses are hidden in attachments so spam filters are often programmed to block attachments from unknown email addresses. Avoid attachments of  exc., zip. files if you can.

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