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Which is the best domain extension? .com , .net, .org etc

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Choosing the right domain extension for you business website is an important decision for any website owner.  And with the many domain extensions in the market, you will be forgiven if you are confused as to which one will be best for your particular business. Your website will represent your brand, so if you can you will want to get every domain extension with your business name just to secure your trademark and company name.

Domain extensions however come in .com which was mainly created for commercial websites and would be useful for your business. But, the popularity of .com domain extensions has made them quite hard to find for a particular domain name. Their popularity is what makes the .com domain the ideal domain extension especially if you run your website as a business. Another fairly popular domain extension is .org which is mainly used by churches, charities and non-profit organizations although you could use the extension if you are offering some kind of beneficial information to your customers for free and you don’t want to use your .com for that.

A .edu extension will mostly be used by educational institutions such as schools and universities. There are also location based domain extensions such as .co.uk or .us or .ca which you can use if you want your business to be associated with a particular region of the world.  Then there a selection of industry specific domain extensions such as .co, .mobi or .travel that you can use for your business should you fall in that category.

If you want to set up a business for whatever industry you are in, it is advisable to get then.com domain first and then ensure that you also get the other domain extensions for your specific industry so you can be sure that no one else will use your particular trademark or name just under a different domain extension. You want to keep your, customers and the best way to do this is to make sure that you are not sharing them with someone else who has your trademarked domain name on a different extension.

So when choosing the best extension for your domain name, you will have to consider quite a number of factors such as what your business is about, if you’re a non-profit organization a .org is your best option and if you are a company out to make a lot of profit, then a .com may be your best option. A .com may also come in handy if you want your business to be visible within your niche market as .com domain extensions are so popular that you are bound to make it easy for your customers to find you.

You can also decide to get the new.co domain extension should a .com prove hard to get as they usually are. You could also give your business local appeal and personality by choosing a domain extension based on location such as a .co.uk or a .ca.




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