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The cPanel username

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What is cPanel?

cPanel is a Control Panel system to control your web hosting account. It allows you to manage your space and monitor the usage.

What is my cPanel username? Where will I find it?

Your cPanel username is a unique username given to your account on the server where your website files and emails are located. It is like an administrator username with which you can manage and monitor your account.

When you purchase a web hosting account from HostingXtreme you will automatically receive your cPanel username and password by email.

What if I have forgotten my cPanel username or password? Can I retrieve them?

If you have forgotten your cPanel username and password, visit https://hostingxtreme.com and login to your client area to retrieve your password.

You will need to login with your Registered Email Address and Password. This maybe the same ones which you use to sign up for an account with us.

  • If you do not remember your password, you can reset it through the Registered Email Address that we have on record by clicking on the Request a password reset link
  • If you do not remember which email address you signed up with, you will need to search your email inbox for the welcome mail, or try multiple email addresses that you own.

Client Area (1)

Once you login to the Client Area, go to the Services section and select the hosting account for which you want to retrieve or reset the username / password.

Client Area ProdServ

In the left menu, click on the Change Password option to change the password of your cPanel for that hosting account.

Client Area cPanel

Choose a strong password for your cPanel Account.

Client Area cPanel Password



Is the cPanel username the same for accessing mails or for FTP?

  • The cPanel username is NOT the same as your webmail login. To login to webmail you need to enter your full email address ([email protected])
  • The cPanel username can be used for FTP. It is the default FTP login.

Note: Any person with your cPanel password will be able to change email passwords, access your files and do just about anything with your hosting account. Share it wisely.

To login to cPanel visit:

(replace it with your real domain name)


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