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6 interesting things to do with cPanel

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What is CPanel?

  1. CPanel (control Panel) is a graphical web-based control panel, designed to simplify administration of websites.
  2. The software is distributed by CPanel Inc. (https://www.cpanel.net)
  3. Commercial web hosting providers can use CPanel for a monthly license fee.
  4. End users can control everything from adding/removing email accounts to administering MySQL databases.
  5. Cpanel is the worlds most popular and stable control panel. Every HostingXtreme hosting account comes with it.

6 interesting things to do with cPanel:

  • Setup a blog or website in 30 seconds.
  • Password Protect a part of your website.
  • See a realtime list of logged in FTP Users.
  • See who is visiting your website.
  • Block an IP Address from visiting your website.
  • Reduce the size of your uploaded images.

Your website’s cPanel is located at:



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