How to use FTP for transferring files.

How to use FileZilla FTP for transferring files onto your website.

To use this tutorial you will need to download FileZilla from:

You will also need to find out your FTP login details by going to

  • Login to your cpanel
  • Click on FTP Accounts.
  • Scroll down to ftp account section.

  1. Open FileZilla
    Enter as Host
    Enter your Username
    Enter your Password
    Enter Port 21 (or leave blank)

  2. In the Right Hand (Remote Site:) column, browser to the folder you want to upload to (Normally this would be the public_html folder.)Note: The files in your public_html folder will appear at

  3. In the left column browse for the file that you want to upload.
    Right click on it.
    Select Upload.

  4. Once the upload is complete you can see your file on the remote site.
    Check it by going to

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