How soon can I get the "Instant website" setup?

If all your content and ideas are ready - It may take just between 8 - 12 hours from the time you send it to us.

If any image editing is involved, then it may take some more time.

Website completion is dependent on how many changes you want us to make in it.

Since you may not have all your content ready on Day 1, we include 30 days time within which we will make all changes to your website.

The ideal timeline for a full website of 12 pages is as follows:

Day 1: Installation of the website software on your hosting account
Day 2: Guidance on selection of the theme or template
Day 3: Implementation of the theme. Basic logo editing and insertion
Day 5: Adding text content and placement
Day 6: Adding images and placement of images
Day 7: Customization of theme and fine tuning the layout
Day 8 to Day 30: Basic tweaks and customizations. Installing contact form and plugins.

However, since we treat every website differently, the time taken will depend on the responses we receive from you.

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