How to take a website backup in cPanel

We all should regularly take backups of our website, whether we like it or not. A backup is like a flashlight, you never know when you may need it. You may never need it or may need it once in 365 days. But if you do need it and don't have it, you will regret it. 1. Login to your cPanel account (For more see this article) 2. Select the Backup option in cPanel 3. Under the Partial Backups option, you can choose which parts of your website to backup. The Home Directory option will allow you to backup all files in your account, except for the MySQL databases and the cpanel account configuration. This option will download a .tar.gz file i.e. a compressed tarball which contains the entire folder structure and files inside your hosting account. The Database Backup will allow you to download a backup file for each individual database. The file format for the database backup is dbname.sql.gz i.e. it is a compressed file, which contains a .sql file of the database. You can also download domain wise email forwarders, in .gz format by clicking on the Email Forwarder option. Do note: If your internet connection is interrupted or there is some download issue, your downloaded file may be incomplete or corrupt. Always verify downloaded backups before relying on them. For more information and screenshots of how to follow these steps, refer to this article:

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