This message looks like spam.

Emails not getting delivered to an account on our server, would normally bounce with an Error Message, giving details of the failure.

Error Message:
This message looks like spam.

Possible Causes:
  1. The email body or sender's signature contains suspicious hyperlinks or a large number of links which are or have been connected with spam sources.
  2. The email body contains content which is causing too many red flags in our spam filter.
  3. The email body contains information about $$$ money or contains numbers with many zeroes.
  4. The email body contains words of drugs or medicines being sold online through spam marketing.
This issue is message specific and is based on the contents of a specific message. Once you correct the content, the message should go through normally.

To test the spamminess of your email and how it would be affected by filters, we recommend you visit the site: and put your email message through the test.

Note: Some bounce messages are NOT sent out by our server and are scam messages which urge you into giving your login details. You can clarify whether the bounce message actually came from our server by Tracing an Email Recipient in cPanel.

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