How to transfer a domain to HostingXtreme

To transfer a domain to HostingXtreme, you will need:
 - the auth code / EPP Key of the domain
 - the domain UNLOCKED
 - the domain WHOIS email id to be changed to your active email id
You can request your current registrar to do the needful, by sending them this email after replacing the values in (brackets) with real ones:
To: ([email protected])
Dear Sir / Madam,
Subject: Transfer of domain name (
I am the owner of the domain name ( and wish to transfer out my domain name.
Please perform the following steps and confirm the same by email, so that the transfer is smooth:
 - Please ensure that the WHOIS registrant email id has my current email id: ([email protected])
 - Once this is done please UNLOCK the domain name so that the Registrar Lock is disabled and transfer can be initiated.
 - Also send us the Auth Key / Auth Code / EPP Code so that we can use it to transfer it to our new registrar.
Once these are done please send us an acknowledgement, so that the transfer process is completed expediently and without any cause for concern.
(Your Name)

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