Webmail Error: The login is invalid

Error Message:
The Login is invalid
Possible Reasons:
  • You have visited the wrong URL. Ensure that the URL is http://your_domain_name.com/webmail 
  • Your username is incorrect. Ensure that you are using your FULL email address as your webmail username.
  • Your password is incorrect. Ensure that you are inputting the correct password.
    If you enter your password incorrect after 7 attempts, you will be temporarily blocked from accessing the server.
    To know how to reset your password visit: https://hostingxtreme.com/knowledgebase/9/How-to-reset-email-passwords-through-cPanel.html 
  • Your account was suspended or terminated. You can check if your website opens normally. Open a support ticket to contact us.
  • You need to clear up your browser cache. (see below)
  • Your IP Address was blocked by our Firewall. Open a support ticket to contact us.
How to clear up the Browser Cache:

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