Unlimited Hosting and what we mean by it when we sell unlimited hosting

"Unlimited Hosting" And What We Mean By It When We say 'unlimited'

Many web hosting providers and indeed we at HostingXtreme as well sell web hosting accounts with some features marked as 'unlimited', we face questions from users on innumerable occasions as to what we mean when we say that you will have unlimited disk space, or unlimited bandwidth.

Some users have sarcastically asked us if we have an unlimited pot of money like midas and we can keep buying new resources when we run out of resources due to use by our users. This article is intended to alleviate the difficulty users face in understanding the meaning of 'unlimited hosting' and what we mean when we use that term.

In our understanding, many users face a problem in deciding how much of a particular resource they would need, and one of the purposes of the unlimited plan is to alleviate this problem, in giving the user a sort of default plan - ie. 'unlimited hosting' or 'unlimited disk space' - so that it would save the user the time and money from having to decide which hosting is best suited for him, but spend more time in focusing his energy on his business, or developing his website.

What this does not mean;

  • This does not mean that you can use unlimited hosting, knowing very well that you will need disproportionate resources or will cause a drain on the resources available to other users using our services.
  • This does not mean that you can use our services to share mp3 files, stream video files, or for illegal purposes, such as violating copyrights of others.

Many users compare our services with other web hosting companies, and many other companies offer unlimited web hosting. Such as hostgator, dream host, godaddy, bluehost etc. All these web hosting companies also give similar caveats that unlimited hosting does not mean that the services can be abused. Dream Host on their website says

"What’s not allowed in “Unlimited”?

Basically, sites whose essential purpose is to use disk or bandwidth.

When making a website, you should be thinking about “How can I make an interesting site for my visitors while minimizing my server storage, bandwidth, file system, memory, and cpu impact as much as possible?”

The result will be a better experience for your visitors, your web host, and yourself!

Here are some specific examples of things not allowed:

  • Copyrighted content to which you do not hold usage or distribution rights.
  • File upload / sharing / archive / backup / mirroring / distribution sites.
  • A site created primarily to drive traffic to another site.
  • Making your account resources available (whether for free or pay) to the general public.

                        (Source http://www.dreamhost.com/unlimited-policy/)

 Another popular web hosting provider Hostgator mentions on their website

"When companies say unlimited, what they mean is that they do not meter or limit you on that item.  But just because you can have an unlimited amount of something does not mean it is physically possible to consume an infinite amount. Unlimited does not mean infinite."

(Source http://support.hostgator.com/articles/pre-sales-policies/how-much-traffic-can-i-have)

Most reputable web hosting companies have a policy to offer unlimited hosting to add additional convenience to the user's kitty wherein the user need not worry about resource allocation. We have spoken at length about how resource allocation is very important at this page here.  

You are more than welcome to use our services for your web hosting needs, but not to abuse them. You should endeavor to minimize resource allocation and keep your resource utilization at its optimum level. If you do this, we are more than happy to allow you to use as much resources as you so need.

Hey, that doesn’t sound very “Unlimited” to me!

Actually, for you, my dear Legitimate Website Owner, it is unlimited.

This whole page is just to announce to the 0.1% of people who want to try and run free porn affiliate sites or anime video trading forums or host pirated rips of popular movies on HostingXtreme that we’re not having any of that!

But our pledge to you is to do our best to always keep your website, with the content you created, UP…

2015 Update: 
Check out this blog for more info, on the marketing gimmicks you should not fall prey to.


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