How do I migrate my website to HostingXtreme from my old provider

You will need to transfer your files from your old provider to us. This will be a manual process.

  1. If your old provider uses cPanel and you have a backup of the cPanel account in a single .tar.gz format, we can restore it for you on our server. (Safest method)
  2. If you can share your cPanel username / password on the old server, we may be able to do a direct Server to Server copy seamlessly. (Does not work if your provider has an older or incompatible cPanel version)
  3. If your old provider does not use cPanel, you will need to manually copy the files / databases / email accounts into cPanel.
    Files can be copied via FTP
    Databases can be restored through cPanel >> PHPMyAdmin / cPanel Restore
    Email accounts willl need to be manually created.
  4. After this process is done, you will need to confirm to us through a Support Ticket that your account has been copied over.
  5. When your domain gets transferred to us and when you have confirmed restoring your files on our server, we will Point the Domain Name to our server. This is done through the DNS Settings of your Domain Name.

Summary of steps:
  1. Purchase hosting with a domain to transfer.
  2. Approve Domain Transfer.
  3. With the domain still pointing to the old server, copy all your files / databases / settings / email accounts to HostingXtreme.
  4. At this stage you will have both the servers with a copy of your website, but the outside world will see it on the old providers server.
  5. When you confirm that your account is migrated to us, we will point the Domain Name to HostingXtreme.
  6. Upon being satisfied that your domain at HostingXtreme is working satisfactorily, you may discontinue your account with your old provider.

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