Disk Usage Warning critical

Email contents

The account with the username 'abcdef1' (domainname.com), is running out of disk space.

Please remove some files from this account, or ask the administrator to increase your disk quota.

This account has used 92.39% (923.87/1000.00 MB) of its allocated disk space.

!! Do not respond to this message. Your reply will go nowhere. !!

Why have you received this email?

If you reach 90% of the disk space in your hosting account, you will receive a warning mail as above.

Upon reaching 100%, your email accounts will stop working and you will not be able to upload any new files.

Your cPanel and Webmail login will not work and show an error message. 

To see your current disk usage this article should be helpful: https://hostingxtreme.com/knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=18

What should you do?

  • Upgrade your account to a higher plan
  • Remove old emails
  • Remove unwanted backups
  • Remove unnecessary website files
If you are unable to login through cpanel, you will need to login through FTP and delete some files manually.

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