How to activate a vacation auto responder

To add or edit an auto responder:

  1. Login to your webmail account
  2. Click on the Auto Responders section.
  3. Click Add Autoresponder to create a new auto responder. Or, find a current auto responder and click Edit.
  4. Choose a character set. UTF-8 is the dominant character set that most internet users encounter. utf-8 is selected by default in cPanel.
  5. Specify the interval, in hours, you wish for the autoresponder to wait between responses to the same email address.
  6. Define the email address whose mail you wish the system to respond to.
  7. In the From and Subject fields, type the username and subject you want to appear in the response.
  8. In the Body field, type the text of the response.
  9. Select a start time. You can choose Immediately or Custom.
  10. Choose a Stop Time. Note: You must choose a stop time that is later than the start time.
  11. Click Create/Modify to store the new auto responder.

For more detailed information visit:

You can also create auto responders through cpanel. See this video for more:

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